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Should there be a time limit on "source" articles? Surely if an article is left with just real-world source material for more than, say, a month, it should be deleted or turned into a Wikipedia redirect Nik 09:18, 15 November 2005 (PST)

Seconded. Though I might prefer that we not even have such articles at all. If an IB related article (such as Religion) points to a primary world article, just simply link to Wikipedia or other primary sources. (A note can be made to alert the reader that the link goes to a primary source, though I am sure most folks are aware that Wikipedia is not full of made-up stuff ;) .) Otherwise, yes, I agree with the time limitation; and yes, such articles should be deleted. Elemtilas

Yes, I agree with both of you. In fact, such articles should be tagged "work in progress" instead, and it should be no more than an intermediary stage between raw source material and a full-fledged article. There's no need at all for duplicates of wikipedia articles. So yes, I think we should allow them, but put a time limit on them as well. Perhaps a month, or so.
To which I should add two things: first of all, quality control is good, quality police is bad. And secondly, the "source" articles are not a big problem at all, since there are relatively few of them (about 20 or so, IIRC, vs. 230 stubs and 120 proposals a few days ago).
BTW, thank you, Nik, for correcting my typos. In fact, I'd like to ask one of you to correct my English and improve my style; my English may not be bad, but it's still not my native tongue. And frankly, I think articles like these should be in proper English. Same goes for the text of Help:Categories. Oh, and if there's anything in the text you disagree with, go ahead and change that, too. --IJzeren Jan 11:17, 15 November 2005 (PST)

I'd like to add that I've stumbled across such articles that I've created and forgotten about through the course of life. Perchance as a step prior to creating a wiki redirect, we may want to leave a message with the creator to make sure that they're aware of the article and see what they want to do with it. BoArthur

Good idea. Elemtilas
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