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Hellenic Defense Systems
Hellenic Defense Systems' Logo
Type Privately owned company
Slogan Two Great Companies Working in Harmony
Founded 1897
Location Athens, Greece
Key people Ioannis Panayota, CEO & Director
Employees 100,297
Industry Firearms Manufacturer
Products Firearms
Revenue Green up.png€5.6 million Crowns

The Hellenic Defense Systems is a company formed after the company of Μπερεττα merged with Pyrkal in 1904. Beretta had been around since 1526, Pyrkal was a fairly new company founded in 1853. Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta moved to the Ottoman Empire (Constantinople) to see if the pasha would invest in his wares. When the Revolution broke out, he sided with the rebels and his company was named Greece's chief gun company in 1863 and has received government funding since then. Looking to expand, they picked the second most powerful company, Pyrkal. In 1950, one year after GWII ended, the company decided to develop a new firearm based on a German one given to the Beretta family by Adolf Hessler himself, so they hired German gun makers to work for them. Thus, the G3 family of semi-automatic assault rifles was born. The company changed its name to the Ellenika Amentika Sestomata (Hellenic Defense Systems) in 1970.
The G3A3, one of the rifles made by the EAS


Feel free to figure out what nations use it.


The most current model is the G4C.

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