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General Tomos Busbe (b. January 24, 1957) was the NAL-SLC General during the Florida War.

Born January 24, 1957, in Mersey City, Oxbridge, to Uilleam and Alexandra Busbe, he only lived for a short while in his native state. His father moved the family first to Ontario, then Jacobia. They finally settle down in Virginia when Tomos was 11.

He studied at Harvard University, showing keen interest in History, Literature and Politics. He joined the Continental Army at the age of 28, two years after College (he spent those two years traveling around Western Europe, where he met his wife, Caron).

He served with distinction, and recieved the rank of General on March 19, 2000.

In 2004, he was made General in command of the NAL forces during the Florida War. He proved right for the job, making the war go easy for the NAL. However, post-war conditions "left a bad taste in his mouth," and he resigned his post.

He moved to Pennsylvaania after his resignation, and ran for a local city councilman position, which he won as a Whig. However, he has since changed his party affiliation to that of Covenant Loyalist, and is currently hoping to win a position in Parliament.

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