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Emblem used by fans of the C.A.B.

They were a typical college band at Aquanishuonigy Provincial University, calling themselves Great Big Purple Feather, and had a massive hit in 1965, called "Hold On a Second, Sloopy" This became the theme song of the University.

They drifted into obscurity and seemed to be destined to the fate of all one hit wonders, but they kept playing. Their music, fueled by their frustration at being asked to play "Hold On a Second, Sloopy" over and over again, got angrier.

Finally, no one was left in the original band except lead singer and guitarist, Riik Zehrinjer, and his brother, the drummer, Ringo. They had been joined by John Lydon, now doing the vocals, and Simon 'Sid' Ritchie, the Bass Player. The band spent a year (1975) working out a new sound in various garages.

The result was a name change, to The Collective Arse Biters, and an Album, "Cut the Crap, it's the Collective Arse Biters", and a hit, Anarchy in the NAL. The first line on the album "I am an antichrist," offended most of the Christians in the Southern provinces, while the second, "I am an anarchyste" offended just about everyone else. Although sung in a very thick Aquanishuonigy accent, with Iroquoian rhythms and vocabulary, the album was a huge hit in the FK.

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