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Lady Catren Llewan

Catren Llewan is a Kemrese-born actress. She starred in several movies made by North American film companies.

On her return to Kemr she was introduced to King Gereint XIII, then a widower. Despite their age differences a relationship developed between them. They married and she became his second wife. She did not assume the title of Queen, instead being widely referred to as 'Lady' Catren Llewan (lla Ddon in Brithenig). During her time with King Gereint she gave over her career to charitable works.

Her filmography, leaning towards 'swords-and-sandals' pictures, led to the tabloid press calling the court, the 'House of Spartacus'. She remains associated with King Gereint's successor on familiar terms. She has received several offers to revive her acting career.

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