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Calish from Orbit

Calish is a fictional planet in the Space Voyage 2245 universe. It is larger than earth, with relatively shallow world-spanning oceans, and its sentient people are water-breathing.

Calish is ruled by a monarchy. The government of Calish can be best described as a Feudal Empire, where the lesser kings are allied to a higher king, culminating in the Grand High King of Calish. In the last century there was a revolution against the Grand High King that resulted in the royals of the southern islands being exiled from Calish.

Their two greatest artforms are music (which they say cannot be truly appreciated through a gaseous medium like air) and the practical joke.

Archaeological Finds

The three main landforms of Calish were rumored to have harbored a second intelligent species in antiquity, and archaeological finds would suggest the same. Any representatives of the monarchy would staunchly deny this. It is believed by exoarchaeologists that the former inhabitants of the landmasses were avian in nature, and some would suggest that perhaps the ancient avians had raised the current Calishans to serve as semi-intelligent laborers. Some would further suggest that the Calishan's labor force turned against them, and that is when the Calish-Avians left for the stars.

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