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B3 or 방탄 is more commonly billed as Bañthan Big Band (방탄 빅 밴드) within Corea. Featuring an ensemble of seven singers, B3 favors the stylings of the Big Band era of jass, but adopting modern instrumentation for each piece either in part, or in whole. The name stems from the fact that the group members' fathers were all involved in a Big Band during the resistance against the Chinese occupation of Corea under Balhaijoñ, and often wore armor under their suits to make them bulletproof during their shows, which served as distraction for the Chinese troops to allow the rebels time to achieve their ends. In addition, the name's abbreviation references the famous Hammond B3 organ, a prominent instrument in jass and its derivative sub-genres.


Their main crossover to western markets began in 2016, with their cross-culture hit, "Château de Cartes" or as released in the NAL-SLC "House of Cards". The soulful piece is the closing volley of their album, "La Plus Belle Moment dans la Vie". While "Château de Cartes" is very classic jass in its stylings, the rest of the album is better classified as Nu jass.

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