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From the Archives -- Following is an old article detailing some of the early ideas on what Australasia and the Pacific should look like. Articles at Australasia and Pacific States are superior, and this article is offered for extra-historical perspective.

Joe's "Overview of the Pacific Region": Guam - Dependency of Castile and Leon

[From Carlos: Well, not actually. They were administrated from Guayaquil, Nueva Granada, for several years, but currently they are semi-autonomous dependencies of the Kingdom of Castile & Leon, much like Guam. As part of the Castilian Overseas Territories, part of the administration with the kingdom is done from Las Palmas, Canary Island, and part from Guayaquil.]

N. Marianas, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Gilbert Islands (W. Kribati [that is, the part of Kiribati that is in the Far East, but is the westernmost island chain of them])

Palau - Independent country called the Micronesian Confedaration

Nauru - Independent

Phoenix Islands(Central Kiribati), Tokelau, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands - A single dependency of Fiji - 'Fijian Polynesia' [From Wayne Chevrier: Likely a group of dependent principalities/kingdoms.]

Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia are another dependency of Fiji - Fijian Melanesia

Tuvalu and Fiji - Integrated together under the name of Fiji. [W.Ch.: Under King Thakombao V(Cakobao, *here*).]

Line Islands - Independent, probably as 'Russian Polynesia' [W. Ch.: IF they were Russian, they became Japanese in 1905, and would be dependency/part of Kanawiki.]

Society and Austral Islands - Polynesian Gemruis (Cambrian Polynesia). Dependency of Australasia under New South Kemr, soon to attain independence within the Commonwealth.

Tuamotu, Marquesas and Pitcairn Islands, and Easter Islands - Castilian Polynesia, dependency of New Granada.

The Hawaiian Islands are the Kanawiki Islands.


We don't know much about the Pacific in IB. So I decided to do something about it.

We know that Hawai'i (Kanawiki), New Guinea(Maluku), and Nauru are independent, and Guam is a dependency of Castile and Leon, but beyond that, we know nothing.

Working from the far west, in the east of the Pacific Ocean, towards, the far east, in the west of the Pacific Ocean:

Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, and the Tuamotu Archipelago make up 'Polynesia Castillano'. It is currently a dependency of New Granada, but there is a very strong separatist element in the Islands. The official language there is Castillan, but the majority of the population speak Tuamotuan, and a good portion speak Rapa Nui.

The Marquesas Islands are now independent, but were formerly a Russian Territory, though admittedly, they were essentially ignored. They gained their independence in 1905, though this was not recognised by Russia until after the collapse of the SNOR regime.

The Society Islands and the Austral Islands are known these days as Polynesian Gemruis It was a former posession of New South Kemr, but they are now in the process of negotiating their independence, within the Commonwealth.

The Line Islands are a dependency of Kanawiki. They seem fairly happy with this state of affairs.

The Phoenix Islands, Tokelau, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, and the Cook Islands are all dependencies of Fiji. However, they have a great degree of autonomy, but only as a unit.

The Gilbert Islands are part of the Micronesian Conefedaration, comprising the Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, The Northern Mariana Islands, and Palau. It formerly contained Guam, as well, but at that time, all of the islands were dependent on the Pilipinas, and when they declared independence, Guam chose to leave the Confederation.

The remainder of the Islands are largely dependent on Fiji, which was colonised by England, but chose not to join with Australasia.


AUSTRALASIA, VICTORIA AND THE IRISH UNION. Victoria is a condominium protectorate of the AÉ (Irish Union) and has been since shortly after the AÉ achieved independence. When it did, the colonists, who were mostly Irish or of Irish descent, threw up a ruckus to achieve self-determination themselves and closer ties to the mother country. The end result was that the colony stayed within Australasia, but dominion was handed by mutual agreement to the AÉ.

Australasia became a functioning federation, including Victoria, back in 1901, considerably before Irish independence (1921). The situation is that Ireland has a say in the relations between Victoria and Australasia, but cannot interfere directly in internal Victorian matters (Victoria is not a colony of Ireland). Rather, Ireland is a guarantor of Victoria's autonomy with respect to the federal government.


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