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Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez (born 1955) is a Tejano military officer and jurist. He was reputed to be good friends of former dictator Jorge Bush, who promoted him from Lieutenant Colonel to Division General during the latter’s time in power. Gonzalez was head of the Judge Advocate General’s Office at the time of the Second Restoration, and accepted the position of Minister of Justice in the “government of unity and rebuilding” of Prime Minister Ricardo Perry. This was largely viewed as a gift to the arch-conservatives in the new Congress, those who had been the staunchest allies and supporters of Bush.

Since taking office, Gonzalez has stirred controversy by what critics call meager efforts to prosecute those guilty of crimes during the Bush regime. Certainly no one above the rank of Lieutenant has yet been arrested during Gonzalez’ watch and no one higher than a Corporal has actually been brought to trial. He himself defends his policies with the argument that activities duly authorized by the legal government cannot then be made crimes retroactively—a stance very popular with many elements within the Tejano military. Leftists and Centrists point out how many of the acts to be investigated were never legalized, such as murder and kidnapping.

Born to a Catholic family in San Antonio, Gonzalez won a military scholarship based on high grades and became a lieutenant in the Tejas Army in 1977. Soon after he did his first tour of active duty in Apache, near the border of Lago Grande. Promoted, he was assigned staff duty in Santa Fe where he became acquainted with then-Captain Jorge Walker Bush. In 1988, following the Bush coup, Gonzalez was one of many young officers put on the “fast track” for promotion and responsibility.

He married Diane Clemens in 1979. The couple have no children and are rumored to be estranged.

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