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AKA was a popular television adventure/drama produced in Scotland but broadcast all over the FK as well as the NAL and elsewhere. Although initially very popular, it audience dwindled significantly in its fifth year and soon after the program was cancelled.

The premise followed a young woman named Nicole Sidney who had gotten into trouble with the law. Her father -- an official in an extremely secret covert operations agency known as The Directorate -- pulled some strings to have her given a second chance as one of the Directorate's operatives. She proved to be a natural for it, but was less than pleased upon learning who was behind her recruitment. Nicole believed her father had deserted his family and blamed him (with some reason) for her own troubles as well as those of her sister.

Complicating the situation was Nicole's strong attraction to a fellow operative named Paul, which she was never sure was reciprocated.

Individual episodes generally dealt with missions against several covert terrorist groups or their backers. Most prominent among these was White Corps a semi-Snorist organization seeking to take over a nation from which to build an empire. Eventually, Nicole pretended to join White Corps but in fact remained a double agent.

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