Zhong Nanjizhou

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Zhong Nanjizhou
Chinese Antarctica
Conventional short name:
Local: Zhong Nanjizhou
English: Chinese Antarctica
Language: Putonghua
 Capital: Bingjing
 Other: None

Zhong Nanjizhou is a Chinese nation in Antarctica. It is essentially a condominium among all Chinese nations managed by the Chinese League.


It was claimed in the late 19th century by China. It was nearly forgotten in the Oriental crisis, and Bingjing might have disappeared if it were not for recent efforts. It is now a jointly administered area among all of the Chinese states, like Chinese East Africa.


Zhong Nanjizhou lies in the Antarctic, from 150-110ºE. While there is, naturally, very little development there, there is a single village, called Bingjing, which means Ice Capital. This is a residential area for scientists, and is permanant for about 60% of the residents, most of whom are temporary scientists preferring to stay on the mainland.


North: French Antarctica, Southern Ocean
West: Australasia.
South: Unincorporated area
East: ?.


There is a limited agricultural experiment using greenhouses and central heating going on, in order to reduce some of the dependence on the mainland.