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When making numerous changes to the same article as you're creating it, please use the minor edit check box. Makes the Recent Changes more readable. BoArthur 10:22, 29 July 2015 (PDT)

Ah, okay. My bad; 'fraid I wasn't too sure on how to use the minor edit check box! I wasn't sure how minor an edit something had to be for it to be needed... Juan Martin Velez Linares 14:50, 29 July 2015 (CDT)
no harm, no foul. Just guiding you "young" ones in the ways of the Wiki. BoArthur 19:15, 29 July 2015 (PDT)

Pink Frojt

Hi, Juan Martin. It's great to see newcomers revitalizing this great community. I see you made Pink Frojt a link. I don't know if you are thinking making an article about this band, but right now I'm already working on it and hopefully I'll submit it on Conculture discussion board during next days.--Pedromoderno 18:43, 5 September 2015 (PDT)

Ah, okay. Might I be able to help you out with the concept/article? Juan Martin Velez Linares 09:13, 6 September 2015 (CDT)
Speaking of which, IIRC either Syd Barrett or Roger Waters originally wanted Pink Floyd to have a saxophonist, a banjoist and two female singers. Might Pink Frojt have those elements? Juan Martin Velez Linares 09:24, 6 September 2015 (CDT)

Your Name

You do realize just how COMMON a name like Juan or Martin Velez is, don't you, especially in Texas? :) If you wouldn't mind, friend request me. I'm the Daniel Hicken with a profile picture in b/w of a man leaning on a wall, and my cover photo is of the Eiffel Tower. BoArthur 15:28, 9 September 2015 (PDT)

Found you. My profile is the one of the German man with the monocle with "Nein." underneath it. Juan Martin Velez Linares 21:28, 09 September 2015 (CDT)

Dialect and Language Links

If these are all just the real world equivalent, we tend to just leave them unlinked, because there's no sense in duplicating the work of Wikipedia. Also, in Ill Bethisad, these microstates pride themselves on their language, even if they're really just a dialect of a broader language - akin to what's gone on between Serbian/Croatian/Slovenian, *here* BoArthur 09:36, 17 September 2015 (PDT)

Ah, all right. I was thinking about maybe writing something up about Ligurian, but thinking about it the language is pretty much just the same as it is *here*. I made a slight change to Lombard from *here* and I plan to write up standardised IB versions of Emiliano-Romagnolo and Venetian, but otherwise I think Italian languages are broadly the same as *here*. At least that's my headcanon. Juanmartinvelezlinares 11:48, 17 September 2015 (CDT)

Turing Edits

Well done. Can't believe I missed that. BoArthur 12:17, 23 September 2015 (PDT)

Merci beaucoup, monsieur! Juan Martin Velez Linares 14:30, 23 September 2015 (CDT)

The Minefield that is Spelling Corrections

In some (not all cases), spelling/transliteration of non-Roman-script languages is deliberately different in comparing *there* to *here*. Thought I'd point out that nuance. :) BoArthur 12:02, 24 September 2015 (PDT)

Orthodoxy in Corea

Dear Martin,

This is the second time that you've decided to make details up against my wishes about Orthodoxy in Corea. I am currently working on a project with oversight from Bo Arthur and Al Fishes, and I'd really appreciate if you stopped trying to go over my head and just start writing ideas on your own. Yes, while I am not officially the caretaker of the Orthodox communion (no one is), I usually work together with people who have ideas. This is the second or third time that you've done this. Please, instead of just going at it on your own, come to my talk-page and we can talk it out. I had to learn this the hard way, and I'm sorry you have to do so as well.

P.S. What do you mean "it's unlikely that Russia would be the ones leading the conversion of Corea?" It's right north of there, and Russian ships have gotten as far away as the Line Islands; I think they can make it to Corea from Vladivostok. I'm trying to go something different with the Orthodox Church in E. Asia which I remember was one of your criticisms from before that in our world Orthodoxy in E. Asia is too small, but the entire point of Ill Bethisad is to do something different with factual events that happened in our world. In our world, a Russian mission was established in 1895. That is fact, please look it up if you object. While the roots of the modern Orthodox Church in S. Korea date back to Greek chaplains doing limited missionary work during the Korean War, that wasn't the first wave of Orthodoxy, nor hopefully will it be the last. If you have any objections, which I'm sure you do, please bring it to my talk page, as I have said.

Thank you, Kostas

Cataloguing Event Dates

Martin, a heartfelt merci for your help in cataloguing the dates of things. I appreciate it! BoArthur 10:13, 17 November 2015 (PST)

Pas de probleme, monsieur! Juan Martin Velez Linares 21:24, 17 Nov 2015 (CDT)


Are you coming back? We need you, man. Not to many people are interested in the project anymore. You're the new generation that we need. It was hard for me, too. It took me seven years before I fully melded into the group. Hell, Dan told me last year that there was talk of actually asking me to leave because I was so petulant and childish, but the group voted to let me stay. It's hard at first, but it's worth it. Researching for IB has made me learn so much more about international relations, history, and the Greek language, the three subjects I studied in school. It can do the same for you! Misterxeight 16:11, 27 September 2016 (PDT)

Yeah, I'm staying. I was just a little shaken these past couple of days is all. But I think I'm better.
On a side note, thank you so much for this message. I really needed it. I'm really sorry things have been kinda wonky with me lately, but I genuinely hope we can get better and work together. I'm really happy you took the time to send this to me, and I promise I'll work with all remaining members as closely as possible. Semper ad Meliora! Juanmartinvelezlinares 20:45, 28 September 2016 (PDT)

Licensed Frojt cars

I was thinking, instead SIAT Micro this brand could use namepltes based on places and cities' names like SEAT did (Ahambra, Malaga, Leon, Marbella, etc). What do you think? --Pedromoderno 03:24, 20 January 2017 (PST)

Shore thing! I'll get to it. Juanmartinvelezlinares 11:10, 20 January 2017 (PST)

Idea for Aragon

So I just think I figured out an idea to get Muslims and Jews back to Aragon. What if, following the trajectory of our world's Spain, the Cortes of Aragon also proposed and successfully passed a right of return for both Jews and Muslims to Aragon. I don't ever think the good Rabbi plotted out who went where, but there at least Sephardic communities in Mueva Sefarad, Greece+Xliponia, and maybe even some super tiny pockets in the Maghreb, the Moors probably went to the same places although in reverse order. I imagine that a fair compromise would be to limit it only to Muslims and Jews who can prove that their ancestors fled the Crown of Aragon, not say Castile or Portugal.

However, neither you nor I as newcomers really know what the culture of Aragon is like. There was never a Holocaust, so we know there's less sympathy for Jews worldwide, but at the same time, there's no such thing as violent Islamism outside Sanjak and its backers, so the return of any Moriscos might be less feared. Are the Aragonese as progressive and forward-thinking as our world's Spain? Hard to say. Carlos' blog and the email attached to it have been taken over by spammers, so I doubt we'll ever be able to get in contact with him. As you are the only remaining person to show any interest in Aragon, it might be up to you and I to plot out.

Misterxeight 17:21, 8 May 2017 (PDT)

Athens thing

Yeah, Juan, honestly, I would. Even in its darkest days of hyper-archaisms in written Greek, the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet has corresponded with Spanish's "i" sound, not its "e." I'd prefer we leave it to sound true to its form. Misterxeight 13:17, 8 November 2017 (PST)

Looks 100% fine to me. Misterxeight 17:58, 8 November 2017 (PST)


rounders is a sport similar to baseball--Marc pasquin 07:53, 7 April 2018 (PDT)

Well, yeah, I know that much, but why is it mentioned as if it was something that alt-Fidel Castro played? There’s almost no other mention of it on the wiki, and everything I’ve read seems to imply that cricket is the baseball equivalent *there*. Why did Padraic decide to write about rounders when it’s obvious that Cricket is *there*’s version of baseball? Juanmartinvelezlinares 08:27, 7 April 2018 (PDT)
I'll go on a limb and say diversity ? I mean *here* you have 2 main rugby codes (league and union), local variants not to mention related sports like US and Canadian-style Gridiron. I *assume* then that Padraic might have decided that the cubans had adopted an equivalent to baseball to parallel events *here* but that for some reason rounders had become the preferred code over cricket. Since both have english origins, they make as much sense, or as little considering the lack of english occupation, as one another in my mind. Maybe an english ambassador or merchant imported the game.--Marc pasquin 09:09, 7 April 2018 (PDT)


hey Juan, maybe bretons can be added to the current list of debatable english-language demonyms. From a quick search "breton" seems to be the most commonly used term for inhabitants of brehun with "british", apart from the Brehun page, seems limited to Great-Britain related matters. As far as I know there isn't an english translation of the term *here* but it might be worth discussing the matter with the usual suspects as due to the semi-autonomous nature of brehun *there*, I could see how a specific english might have developed.--Marc pasquin 18:11, 19 April 2018 (PDT)

I decided that the "British" reference on the Brittany/Brehun page was probably just a reference to the Britanno-Celto-Romanic roots of the Bretons, so I decided to just be like "screw it, they meant 'Britanno-Romance' by 'British'". I think that's the solution that generates the least headaches, in a project that is notorious for creating them. Juanmartinvelezlinares 05:54, 20 April 2018 (PDT)


Juan, keep in mind decimalisation didn't occur so often *there* as *here*.--Pedromoderno 16:59, 13 January 2020 (PST)

New Francy

Mate, I'm the caretaker of New Francy. Don't add anything without asking and don't revert my edits.--Marc pasquin 08:55, 21 April 2020 (PDT)

Sorry, Marc, but on this issue I really do not want to budge. Your ideas for NF's linguistic makeup seem to heavily disregard how language change and miscegenation works. The founding population of Quebec is just too small for any of the myriad langues d'oil to survive into the present day, and I seriously doubt some mass exodus of peasants from the motherland is going to change that. I can see *maybe* Norman surviving in the Gaspesie, and if there's a way for some other langue d'oil to survive because X remotely located town happened to have a lot of settlers from Y part of France, I'll do so. And I'll give you Breton because you wanted the Bretons to replace the Irish, and the Irish are not exactly a small, culturally weak minority in Quebec. But in the densely populated Montreal/Ville-Marie - Quebec corridor, I just see no place for anything outside of French and Laurentian, and if I had to guess the situation it probably looks a lot like the French-to-Haitian Creole continuum of Haiti, except with more French. If language development worked like you've been implementing it in Quebec/New Francie, part of the real-life US would sound Irish, part would sound Cornish, part would sound Northern English, part would sound Scottish, part would sound East Anglian, and part would sound like the queen of bloody England. American English, of course, sounds like absolutely none of these, except for that one weird dialect in Ocracoke and *maybe* parts of the Appalachians. Even if you can sort of trace back the roots of the different dialects that founded American English, it's still clearly its own independent thing. Now, I'm fairly sure the linguistic differences between the langues d'oil are greater than the differences between the different varieties of British English, not to mention there are parts of France that speak a significantly different language, but settlement of most of Quebec just happens too late, the founding stock would have to not only intermarry but live too close together, and for the most part the languages are too similar to one another and not dominant enough to escape being assimilated into Laurentian. I'm happy to work with you, and I will work with your wishes as long as they make IRL and in-universe sense, but you have to listen to me and at the very least consider what I'm saying from the perspective of logical, consistent and realistic worldbuilding. Otherwise, I'd rather just do what I want and what I think makes the most sense. Juanmartinvelezlinares 09:40, 21 April 2020 (PDT)
Hold up, let me clarify a bit. I should say there *is* a place for European languages that aren't French or Laurentian, just... in very limited contexts, likely not the full gamut of what France has to offer, and nowhere near as healthy as the main two. And I'm only willing to go with European languages that have enough of a user base and enough of a territorial foothold for them to actually become established. Which is why I brought up Norman in the first place, because apparently Norman (well, Anglo-Norman, but whatever, we could just say they're fishermen from Calvados or something) is--or was--spoken in the Gaspesie. And Breton, because again, the Irish. (For the record, I don't really think it's fair to completely bar the Irish from New Francie, unless you want to make the royalist government somehow even more heartless than the real-life ancien regime, but I can see where you're coming from and the Breton make a good enough replacement.) But I'd need research and in-universe AND out-universe justification for the survival of, say, Gallo to be okay with it.
Also, please know that I'm studying at a Quebecois university and planning to make my home in Quebec. I don't want to attack your identity or anything. I don't think it's fair for you to be the only authority of in-universe Quebec, but I love the culture too and I think there are a lot of cool aspects to your vision. For the record, if you ever want to contribute to Aragon, Riu de l'Argent, or Srivijaya, you're more than welcome to. Juanmartinvelezlinares 09:50, 21 April 2020 (PDT)
I have asked Dan to protect the New Francy page. If you have any proposal to make regarding it, don't put them on the New Francy Talk page or my own, just put them up on the facebook page like everyone else.--Marc pasquin 18:44, 21 April 2020 (PDT)