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Religion in ill bethisad.jpg
Name in Greek: Κώστας-Πασάς
Nicknames & aliases: Mr.Xeight, Ioannis Leganopoulos
 Date: {{{date}}}
 Place: Chicago, Ouisconsin
Place of residence: Castre Geory Saeth, Pentapolis, Ter Mair
Profession: Intern
Natural languages: (in order of proficiency) Greek, English, Turkish (few phrases)
Spheres of Influence: Greece
Times Vandalized: 0
Interests: To be Continued

Mr. Xeight is currently interested in gentrifying Turkey's, Cyprus', Armenia's, Persia's respective pages. He is also interested in China (mostly Manchuria), Nea Illenicia, Syria, The American Orthodox Church, and Chicago. Also the Arch-Primate of Ill Bethisad's Religions in the Far East.

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