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The Greek Language

The Greek language has been spoken for thousands of years though in different forms. It features its own unique alphabet since the 9th century BC and its writing system is the base of the Armenian, Cyrillic, & Latin alphabets. Greek in IB is completely the same. The different forms of Greek are

  • Proto-Greek
  • Mycenaean
  • Ancient Greek (with Aeolic, Arcadocypriot, Attic-Ionic, Doric, Pamphylian, and Homeric Greek dialects.)
  • Koine Greek
  • Medieval Greek
  • Modern Greek (with Cappadocian, Cretan, Cypriot, Demotic, Griko, Katharevousa, Pontic, Tsakonian, and Kerrannahhekka [Cyrenian] dialects.)

Fusion Languages of Greek

  • Macedonian-Slavic +
  • Veyanic-Hebrew
  • Costanice-Spanish +
  • Athonite-Turkish +
"+" indicates no equivalent in our world.
Indo-European Languages
Hellenic Languages
Ancient and Koine Greek Macedonian
Mainland Greek Anatolian Pontic Macedonian


Kentum languages:
Satem languages:
  • Slavic
  • Baltic
  • Illyrian (Albanian)
  • Indo-Iranian
  • Phrygian and Armenian
  • Thracian and Dacian