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Anthony Miles
Nicknames: Theophilus
Email: [email protected]
 Date: 1976
 Place: Toronto, NAL
Place of residence: San Françisco, Montrei
Current Job: Self-employed

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None in particular, I get one every few months.

Areas of Interest: Libya,
R. Hengist Ryder,
Superhero in general
Contribution to IB:
Comic Book Characters, Heresies, and Quirky Colonels.

Habarakhe ‘Theophilus88’ Theophilus is number 45 on The List, but has a long history with the Yahoo! Conculture Group.

Habarakhe Theophilus has been a participant on the Conculture list for some time, but resisted participation in IB for a good while. He has a BA in Classical Languages, an M.Litt. in Medieval History, and an MA in Classical Languages. He would have minored in religion or linguistics had he thought of it in time.

Habarakhe Theophilus spends less time working on IB than some because he has to maintain the Fortunate Islands Universe/Time Line (FIU/FITL) single-handedly, despite a recent attempt to pass off the Indian Ocean.

He enjoys genealogy, grammar, and has a recently rekindled passion for Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and other Stratemeyer Syndicate characters. He is currently enamored of the Vertigo series ‘Fables’.

To-do List

  • Continue Libya under Qadhdhafi

Countries I'm responsible for


Religions and Sects I'm responsible for


People I’m responsible for

R. Hengist Ryder

Claudius Rhodes

The royal family of Tejas

Comic Protagonists and Series

Doc Gabriel (not original concept)


The Hummingbird

Captain Silver

All-Fair Comics, including Godfrey, at Superhero

Thrilling Tales From The Stars

Mystery Series

The Dewar Duo


Spain and St John

Juan, adjust what needs to be adjusted. I'm only concerned with Iberia insofar as it impacts Libya (althouhg I would like to know more about the history of Malta *there* for family heritage reasons. Theophilus88

Tamanghasset Population Stats

I used the following data for Tamanghasset: Tamanghasset minus In Salah, In Ghar, and Foggart Ezzaoua; all of Illizi province, and Bordj Badji Mokhtar district in Adrar province.


It makes sense that Bayda still has its zawiya. I'm going to work more on which Cyrenaean towns have Muslim shrines.

Omar Mukhtar

So, Omar Mukhtar *here* is Umeross Mikhaell *there*, but the transformation from Muslim to Christian produces some wrinkles.