The Dewar Duo

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The Dewar Duo

The Dewar Duo Series was an extremely popular mystery series of books (original run 1929-1991) written under the pseudonym Carol Deane. Josephine “Jo” Dewar, 17, and Anselm Dewar, 16, are the children of the famous Riverport detective Nelson Dewar. Their mother died when Jo was 13 and Anselm 12. Jo and Anselm have inherited their father’s detecting prowess and assist him in his cases. As originally published, Jo is more assertive, fashionable, and sneakier than her brother, who generally follows her lead. Anselm, however, is more easy-going and more friendly to foreigners (whereas Jo often regards them with suspicion). Both Jo and Anselm have love interests in Jed Mortensslækt and Polyxena “Polly” Hayes.

The original texts were revised to update the colloquial language and remove (the many) offensive comments and characterizations. Jo and Anselm aged a year, becoming 18 and 17, respectively. Jo soon went off to Dixon College; some of her friends accompanied her, while others married their high school sweethearts. Anselm remained in high school, and adopted his portly friend Mort Chesterton as his sleuthing partner.

Pre-Revision Titles

The Tower Clock

The Staircase on the Cliff

The Mystery of Old Mill Inn

The Missing Bungalow

Hunting for Hidden Ranch

The Redgate Road Mystery

The Clue in the Caves

Nelson's Mysterious Cabin

Sign of the Great Aeroport

Midnight's Password

When the Lock Clicked

Footprints By the Hollow Oak

The Mystery of the Ivory Mark

The Hidden Whisper Mystery

The Sinister Bridge

The Clue of the Tapping Figure

The Warning of the Brass-Bound Boot

The Mystery of the Twisted Moss

The Disappearing Map

The Mystery of the Jewelbox Express

The Secret of the Old Blade

The Flickering Wall Mystery

The Melted Bells

The Short Album Mystery

The Ghost in the Panel

The Phantom Chimney

The Secret of Skull Wood

The Sign of the Crooked Keys

The Mystery at the Ski Tunnel

The Velvet Siren Mystery

The Secret of the Ringmaster's Wildcat

The Scarlet Shadow

The Yellow Tree Mark

The Secret of the Hooded Window

The Showboat in Embers

The Secret of Pirates' Pavilion

The Ghost of the Skeleton Stagecoach

The Mystery at Dragon's Claw

The Mystery of the Dancing Junk

The Desert Moonstone Mystery

The Clue of the Whistling Owl

The Pine Hill Symbol Mystery

The Mystery of the 99 Aztecs

The Haunted Crossword Cipher

The Mystery of the Spiral Spider

The Invisible Agent on Flight 707

The Mannequin with the Whale Tattoo

The Arctic Bannister Mystery

The Mirror Bay Boomerang

Danger on Jinx Trail

Mystery of the Glowing Monkey

The Secret of the Shattered City

The Mystery of the Sky Serpent

Strange Caravan

The Crocodile Witch's Key

The Thirteenth Pyramid

The Jungle Pearl

The Firebird Hoax

The Sting of the Flying Saucer