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Quentin Smith
Birthdate 6 June 1985
Birth Place Viridan City, Oregon
Current Residence Castreleon, Kemr and Sulescoed, Dumnonia, Kemr
Member Number 56

Hi, umm... what does one write on these user pages? I'm Quentin "Ipsissimus" Smith, Nº 56 on The List, titled Wandrer, Maker of Tangents, by Padraic. (Presumably that's a compliment). I can be a little thick at times, and I'm relatively new here, so please talk slowly.

Things to do, that I need to finish;

1/4d	11 3/4lc	27 lc
1/2d	11 3/4lc	38 1/8 lc
1d	11 3/4lc	54 lc

3d	12lc		138 3/4 lc
6d	17lc		165 lc
1s	24lc		196 1/4 lc
2/6	36lc		253 1/4 lc
5s	36lc		358 1/4 lc
10s	36lc		506 3/4 lc

£1	6lc		168 lc