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Siobhán Ní Ghallachoir, you mean.

Argh! Forgot to sign that and put an accent on the ó in Gallachóir. Should be Siobhán Ní Ghallachóir --Kgaughan 15:33, 11 March 2006 (PST)
No doubt that is what her family's name would have been if they had remained in Ireland, or if their family had not decided to change their name to make trade with a bunch of non-Celts easier. I know that in IB it is far less common for folks to change their names when moving to somewhere with a new language, but on the other hand it is hardly unknown. So can we just let the name stand please? Zahir 16:16, 11 March 2006 (PST)
Whether or no the name is respelled, I have no problem with the proposal. Elemtilas 18:25, 11 March 2006 (PST)
I have no problem with dropping the majority of the accents and spelling it as Siobhan Ni'Gallachoir (which is close to one of the Scottish anglicisations, Gallacher), but as I've said before, *here*'s anglicisation are no good *there*. The history just doesn't work. Not only that, but 'Gallachóir' is a simplification. The correct Gaelic version of the name is Gallchobhair (he who seeks foreign help). I think it's time I wrote up an onomasticon for Irish name equivalences and possible versions in other languages. I know this might seem like it's nitpicking, but it's not, really. --Kgaughan 08:38, 16 March 2006 (PST)
Okay, please explain to me exactly and precisely why no one in IB could ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, have the last name Gallagher. [u]Not[/u] why it would be unlikely or uncommon--why it would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. Because the truth is that I named this ship out of a love of that specific name and wanting to use it in an interesting, original way for IB.
For the record, I think your suggestion of an onomasticon is an excellent one. Perhaps then whoever-it-was that made Edward Moore Kennedy a GM would have gotten it right the first time, and it certainly would make an aspect of this whole process easier. Thank you. Zahir 08:56, 16 March 2006 (PST)