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I see you have an image of a jet. Please take note that only recently did those crazy Dalmatians develop jet propulsion and things are more or less on par with the Messerschmitt-262, although the engines are reputed to be stronger. They're called the Spretu, and the Scanidnavians have a jet, I believe called a Dragon or something, with the reversed wings. Either the Oltenians bought them, or have recently developed them...but keep that in mind. Also, there was some ranging discussion about two years to two and a half (maybe three) that talked about how the Zeppelins were capable of being used as airborne air-craft carriers. I would recommend looking that up as you develop this fine article. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regarding the Spretu, I would send an e-mail to Ferko or message him, or, actually, both. BoArthur 21:02, 7 March 2006 (PST)

Actually, in the Atlantic Air War and Solemn League Navy I wrote about the SLN developing the first airship carriers (widely regarded at the time as a waste of time and money). The Firebolt V-15 I'm presuming is a relatively recent advance, an adaptation of propellor-based aircraft. Zahir 22:05, 7 March 2006 (PST)
That's fine about the airship carriers, I think that was part of the consensus of the discussion that we had...I was mostly concerned about the Jet development fitting with accepted QSS. I think it could be useful for you to read through it in the archive, if you care to find it. What does the Firebolt correlate to *here*? BoArthur 22:09, 7 March 2006 (PST)
It resembles a American jet fighter from the 1950s, but I presume that is mostly cosmetic. The Firebolt (the name was a joke I simply could not resist) is essentially a propellor fighter adapted to jet flight, including sloped wings. Another assumption is that it benefits from earlier development of jet planes by others. Also, please note I've cut down on the number of Firebolts Oltenia has. Zahir 22:16, 7 March 2006 (PST)
< - sleep deprived...I get the joke now! :) BoArthur 22:35, 7 March 2006 (PST)


Looks very nice indeed! I just have some questions regarding the Romanian words used in the article. In Romanian for example class is spelled clasă (only one s) and captain is căpitan. Is this deviation in spelling intentional? (i.e. as Romanian is spelled *there*?) Further on, to say for example "2nd class", would you not say clasa a II-a (=clasa a doua), with an initial "a" for the ordinal number? I also wonder about fulger pana being translated as "fire arrow" since fulger means "lightning" while pană means "feather" in Romanian. "feather lightning"? RoMex 10:21, 23 March 2006 (PST)

I got the spellings from a military website and an online English/Romanian dictionary. *sigh* Mea culpa. Please feel free to correct any spelling or obvious language errors I might make. Thankee sir. Zahir 12:46, 23 March 2006 (PST)


This article is up for de-proposalizing. Soooooo, any comments, questions, amendments, critiques? Zahir 06:14, 4 May 2006 (PDT)

I think since this is mostly internal to Oltenia, there really isn't a need for you to wait too much longer. :) And besides, I like it. BoArthur 08:08, 4 May 2006 (PDT)