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This has been proposed since November, 2006. Any objections to de-proposalizing? Zahir 06:49, 3 August 2007 (PDT)

I have no objections to deproposalisation, but I do have some questions. The idea of a nationwide public transport system is interesting: how would it work? Obviously, any privately owned railroads and airlines would be nationalised under one of the Neo Left's tenets. Would there be some kind of national fare ticket that can be used on any mode of transport? Or would you just show your national ID card for access? What about noncitizens (tourists)? Or would the systen simply be free for anyone that wishes to ride? Me, I don't think that one would work too well, unless certain modes of transport (like intercity trains, busses and airships) are excepted as being too expensive to support by such a system.
Isn't it already illegal to violate environmental regulations? What with the greater overall environmental concern in IB, I'd think this would already be the case. Or do the Neo Left seek to impose even more severe penalties?
Does the NAL have a death penalty? I don't know if we've ever discussed that one.
The NAL never had Prohibition that I'm aware of (and so would probably not have its child, the War on Drugs, either). Or is there a distinction between certain classes of addictive substances and the Neo Left simply seek to abolish that distinction?
Seeking "direct elections" and calling for the abolition of the monarchy (I guess the NAL really should be called a Pentarchy) really would be fundamental rearrangement of not just the government, but also of the whole of American culture. Seemingly simple, I bet these two would be the hardest of all to implement.
Elemtilas 08:56, 3 August 2007 (PDT)
We've established that Prohibition did indeed take place. Have we ever mentioned any analog to the "War on Drugs"? But we have established that certain substances are illegal within the NAL (probably LSD, heroin, cocaine, 'angel dust' etc.).
OK, I'd forgotten about that one!
I was assuming that the death penalty is indeed practiced in some provinces but how often I don't know.
If it's still on the books, I'm sure there is considerable pressure from Kemr and England to abolish the practice. Probably the rest of the Commonwealth wherever it's been abolished already as well.
As for how a nationwide public transport system would work--no idea. These are general [u]goals[/u] of the NeoLeft, rather like the NeoCons *here* demanding "less government interference in the market," which of course also brings up the question "exactly what do you mean?"
I was assuming that violation of environmental laws usually results in fines. The idea is that the NeoLeft wants to add jail time as well. Methinks I should make that clearer. Thanks! Zahir 09:42, 3 August 2007 (PDT)
Regarding the national public transport, public doesn't mean free. It could simply be that the various transport company are wholy or majoritarily own by the government to fix cost for users. --Marc Pasquin 21:39, 3 August 2007 (PDT)
No doubt about any system not being free! Someone pays for it in some way. This Neo Left, like the left *here* in the US, favour "significantly expanded" social programmes that are often "free". Note that the Neo Left do propose "free public education through college"; they don't say whether the universal healthcare system will be free or partially free, but I wouldn't be surprised if basic levels of healthcare were free under their system. But in the end, none of these programmes are without cost, as a lot of Americans are going to be paying a lot more in taxes to support this kind of infrastructure, should the overal plan be implemented. Elemtilas 04:53, 4 August 2007 (PDT)