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As per the map, no area seem to belong to New Francy. What *here* is northern Quebec, *there* is the NAL province of Nunavik.--Marc Pasquin 14:33, 27 February 2006 (PST)

Agreed. That little area of red down towards New Iberia is part of the NAL.
Isn't this similar to the League of Ice? Nik 14:37, 27 February 2006 (PST)
No. This appears to be a different movement entirely. The Great Inuit State seems to be a move to create an independent Inuit (Inuit only?) country. Frankly, if they wanted to do that, the NAL would probably be open to the idea, so long as the territory was held in condominium with the NAL.
It'll never happen, though. The Inuit of North America (Greenland excepted) have worked long and hard to create Nunavik -- a province within the NAL. The western Inuit decided to have nothing to do with Nunavik, prefering in stead the curious freedom of the Unincorporated Territory. They were certainly welcome to join in the foundational work and were welcome to work at forming a much larger province. Me, I think the American Inuit are quite satisfied with their present lot.
League of Ice is a cultural and economic organisation that works within and between countries where Inuit live. I can't speak for the aspirations of its members or of individual Inuit who live in the region -- I suppose there must be some who wish that LoI would shift more towards political independence from the various Arctic countries. Apparently, it would be these folks who make up the Great Inuit Statists. Elemtilas 14:51, 27 February 2006 (PST)
You are right about Nunavik, will correct that. Yes, the movement would be supported the most in Greenland, where the Inuits are most oppressed, and perhaps in Alyaska(?). In NAL the support would be smaller and in minority. However the proponents of the idea from Greenland believes that in case they would manage to overtake Greenland and establish a successful Inuit country there, the Inuits from north America as well might want to join... Although at the present situation the possibility of the Great Inuit State seems highly unlikely. The country is not planned to be Inuit-only, but yes, generally the proponents of the idea sees the influence of other cultures as unwelcome and limiting immigration into area and establishing a standard for Inuit language, which would be the only official language and lingua franca for the area is among their goals. Abdul-aziz 15:20, 27 February 2006 (PST)