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Proposed area of the Great Inuit State

Great Inuit State, sometimes also known as Nunavut, is the proposed national state for the Inuit peoples that would encompass Greenland, northern NAL, the Cambrian Arctic Ocean Territory, and northern and western Alyaska (including the Aleut islands), as well as, under some interpretations, areas of eastern Chukotka. Generally, the idea for such a state is most supported in Greenland, where the local Scandinavian government is seen as discriminatory against the Inuit majority. The ideas are less popular in NAL as NAL provides funding to the Inuit communities that they would otherwise probably not get. With the increasing findings of natural resources such as oil in the Inuit-populated areas, however, the idea gains more weight, as the Inuits see the exploitation of the resources as stealing their natural wealth.

The major obstacles for the creation of the Great Inuit State are very low population density of the Inuit inhabited areas and thus high costs for providing a basic infrastructure, a lack of political Inuit unity, and the varying degrees of resistance to the possibility of such a state from the governments of Greenland, Alyaska, the NAL, and Kemr.

The area of the Great Inuit State would be approximately four million MILLES QU., thus making it one of the largest states in the world. However, its population would not exceed 350.000 inhabitants.

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