Union of Ice

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Union of Ice
The Union's flag.

The League of Ice is a transnational organisation of various Indigenous Peoples (Inuit-Aleut and Siberian) living around the Arctic Sea. The organisation's primary goals are to foster fraternal affection among diverse yet related peoples, promote education and economic activity within the region and to educate the outside world about Arctic cultures and peoples. The organisation is not one of nations but one of peoples -- the NAL-SLC province of Nunavik is a member and hosts the Union's offices and Cultural Centre. Otherwise, member regions may be provinces, amorphous geographic regions, traditional tribal territories, villages or towns.

Members: Nunavik, Unincorporated Territories(*), Greenland, parts of Alyaska, Chukotka and Siberia.

History: The Union was formed in 1969, but at that time did not include any Siberian territories since the Russian Empire was a SNORist state. Chukotka joined the Union in 1991 and in 1995, Siberian regions began to be admitted to the Union.

Lingua Franca: Greenlandic was the first Inuit language to be recorded in writing, and thus it has been traditionally accorded the honour of being the language of record in the Union. Much business is conducted in the language of Nunavik as well.

Note: (*) UT territories that are members of the UoI: Cambro-Arctic Eco Trust Co., Duchy of New Durrow and Inuvialuit Nation, Prince Constantine Territory, Principality of Kivalliq, Kingdom of Kitiqmeot Inuit Nation, Republic of Qikiqtaaluk (north), Kingdom of Qikiqtaaluk (south).