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"Pals" is a very popular situation comedy or "sitcom" on NAL television, broadcast on CBS (Cambro-American Broadcasting System). Essentially, the stories follow the lives of six dear friends (hence the title) in New Amsterdam. The program is a more-or-less Americanized version of Wigi. Part of the humor involves their different professions, pasts and ethnic backgrounds as well as their similarities. The show premiered in 2001 and continues to be a 'hit.'

The regular characters are:

  • Rhaifun Gwenadur an entomologist (i.e. insect expert) at New Amsterdam University. One of his character's quirks is a tendency to over-pronounce things, which makes him ridiculously easy to tease. He is very protective of his sister and deeply uncomfortable talking about her love life in any way.
  • Buddeg Gwenadur, his single sister who trained to be a nun but then decided she'd rather pilot airships. She is a great source of disappointment to their parents, not least because of her bisexuality. But she is also a fiercely free spirit and curiously wise amidst the sometimes outrageous statements she'll make (such as that James Wainwright wasn't killed but taken back to his home planet).
  • Gianeth Llewel went to school with both Rhaifun and Buddeg, and is the former's ex-girlfriend. She began the series by leaving her fiancee at the altar, certain she was making a huge mistake. Her family disinheirited her and she turned to her pals for help. Since then, she's begun a career as an IT specialist, at which she's proven unusually gifted (even though most them pals cannot figure out precisely what she does).
  • Jozef Aldendorf is a writer for a television program (hinted at but never stated to be Sixty Rokk Live, on another network) with a sarcastic, biting wit as well as a love of a good fight. He and Rhaifun were college roommates together, and still enjoy debating all kinds of topics. Jozef is often in debt but is also halfway in love with Gianeth. The two have dated a few times but so far only she and Rhaifun are unaware of Jozef's feelings for her (another recurring joke in the series).
  • Diane St. John (prounounced "senjun") is a chain-smoking stockbroker, a bit of a control freak as well as a very attractive former model who bemoans her lack of a love life. Over and over and over. But she is also extremely picky. She and Buddeg have a pact that if neither both are unattached at age forty they'll engage in a murder suicide pact. She once had a tempestuous three-week affair with Jozef's father, an assistant to the ambassador from the Republic of the Two Crowns.
  • Charlie Bigfeather is a taxi driver and Jozef's current roommate, a handsome womanizer from Cherokee Nation who knows an astonishing number of people from all walks of life (Charlie is often the means to bring on celebrity "guest stars"). He is an orphan raised by a rather terrifying aunt who sometimes makes guest appearances.