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A sitcom TV series produced by VoJo about six adult friends living together in Reondradun. The show has been dubbed or subtitled in countless languages and has a world-wide fan base. The actors, next to unknown at first, were paid several hundred thousand Cronae each for the last season alone. The English title of the show is Companions.

Dramatis Personae

  • Ruore Geller: Although a professor of palaeontology, it's hard to take him seriously for sheer lack of backbone and txiogla.
  • Rahel Uerde: Impulsive career woman "enjoying" an on-and-off relationship with Ruore.
  • Moenga Geller: Ruore's beautiful sister who likes to cook and appreciates order just a tad too obsessive-compulsively.
  • Camblaere Kling: The witty but often unlucky geek who finally ends up with Moenga.
  • Josse Treviano: Camblaere's best buddy who compensates for his utter cluelessness with his Castilian charm.
  • Phébée Bouvet: Naive new-age girl oblivious of just how bad her singing is.