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Ja Voc Joeva, the Jovian Voice, is the national broadcasting corporation of the High Kingdom of Jervaine. It serves the Jovian-speaking language community both in Jervaine and in foreign lands, such as Ceylon. Internationally, however, it is primarily known for its prolific production of popular TV shows and series, such as Paladins, Companions and Xarveluc.

VoJo maintains three TV stations.

  • VoJo Une fulfills the duty of public information, it features regular news casts padded with discussion shows, documentaries and talk shows.
  • VoJo Duo is all about entertainment. Feature movies, series and sport events constitute its program.
  • VoJo Tri, a recent addition, caters to the younger demographic. Children's cartoons and educational shows until noon, then music, dating and lifestyle shows for the older youth who don't wake up before noon anyway.

VoJo also runs two radio stations, VoJo Priwa and VoJo Xunda.