Napoleon IV

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Napoleon IV (1856-1903) was the only son of Napoleon III. He was the first French Co-Prince of Andorra to not also be a head of state of France for at least part of his reign.

Napoleon IV was born in Paris during his father's reign as Emperor of the French. After his father was deposed as Emperor, he moved to Andorra la Vella with him, succeeding as Co-Prince three years later, upon his death.

Napoleon IV spent his reign attempting a restoration of his power in France. He came into frequent conflict with the League of Noble Emigrees who also wanted a restoration of the monarchy, but with a Bourbon monarch rather than a Bonaparte monarch. He died, heartbroken, in 1903, passing Andorra to his 11-year-old son.

Preceded by:
Napoleon III
Co-Prince of Andorra
Succeeded by:
Napoleon V