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Mazowia (Wenedyk)
Masovia (English)
Flag of Mazowia
Subdivision of: Kingdom of Veneda (RTC)
 Capital: Warsina (1676,600)
 Other: Radom (228,100), Szepyk (127,900), Stablęcie (76,700), Tomaszyn Mazowiany (67,300), Łomża (63,800)
 Official: Wenedyk
 Others: Low Saxon
Governor: ?
Population: 5,155,248 inhabitants
Map showing the location of Mazowia within the RTC
Map showing the location of Mazowia within the RTC

Mazowia (English: Masovia) is a province of the Republic of the Two Crowns. With over 5 million inhabitants, it is the biggest province of the Republic. Its includes Warsina, also capital of both the Republic and the Kingdom of Veneda.


The province of Mazowia is located in the very centre of the RTC. It borders with the provinces of Prusi (North), Suślewia (Northeast), Liublin (Southeast), Sątakrucz (Southwest), and Kujawia (West). The main rivers of the province are the Wisła, the Narew, and the Bug.



Mazowia is governed by a governor and a provincial diet, elected each four years in provincial and municipal elections that encompass all Veneda.


In 2005, the province of Mazowia had 5,155,248 inhabitants. The ethnic composition of the population is: Veneds 77.3 %, Lithuanians 7.2 %, Saxons 5.7 %, Jews 5.0 %. Most Veneds of the province speak one of the Mazovian dialects of Wenedyk; only in the very Southern regions Little Venedic dialects are spoken. Saxon is the dominant language of the upper North of the province.

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