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Wenedka Afryka Oszczedziętała
Venedic West Africa
Conventional short name:
Local: Gambia
English: The Gambia
Flag of Venedic West Africa
Subdivision of: Republic of the Two Crowns
 Official: Wenedyk
 Others: Wenedinka, Mandinka, Wolof, Fula
 Capital: Jakobina (255,000)
 Other: Serekunda (102,000), Biron (50,000), Brykama (24,000), Czytać Frydryku (20,000), Farafiena (10,000), Sukuta (7,000)
Governor: Żowan Krzysztof Albin-Ałbodurzyn
Area: 10,380 km² (11.5 % water)
Population: 1,367,000 (2000)

The Gambia, also known as Wenedka Afryka Oszczedziętała (Venedic West-Africa), Gwineja Wenedka (Venedic Guinea), Wenedka Afryka Zgambiana (Venedic Gambian Africa), and Wenedcze Cierze Zgambianie (Venedic Gambian Lands) is a nation in West Africa. It is one of the smallest countries within the African continent and is entirely surrounded by the Senegal region of Mali, with the Gambia River emptying into the Atlantic Ocean in its center. Nominally an independent state, Gambia is actually an overseas territory of the Republic of the Two Crowns, whose king is represented in Gambia by a governor. Jakobina is its capital.

Map of Venedic West-Africa