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Jużeń Bambaryła, general and commander of the RTC's occupation forces in South Florida.

Born on 31 October 1936 near Łódź, Jużeń Bambaryła spent his entire professional carreer in the army. He was promoted general in 1978. Being a man of common descent himself, a feature he shares with his fellow general Aldendorf, Bambaryła greatly contributed to the cultural breakthrough in the higher echelons in the Republican army, traditionally a stronghold of the aristocracy. He gained the reputation of a consumate politician and a polished military commander -- one of the RTC's finest.[1] He collects and flies antique flying machines, especially aeroplanes and races early motor vehicles.

In July of 2006, Jużeń Bambaryła succeeded Katarzyna Prowana as the head of the Civic Administration of the Republic's zone of occupation in Southeast Florida. From the very beginning, he styled himself "governor-general", thus making it quite clear to the world what kind of intentions the new RTC government had with Florida. Indeed, from 2006 onwards the dominating tendency has been to treat Florida as a colony instead of a temporary peace mission. Yet, in certain parts of the ZOC Bambaryła gained some popularity among the Floridian population: he oversaw many massive building and public works projects in the southers districts of the ZOC.

Gen. Bambaryła has accrued much fame, and quite a lot of criticism during his tenure as Governor-General of SE Florida. Accused of general incompetence, overindulgence and mismanagement of funds, the topping on the cake will likely be the "sale" of Artesia Island, part of the Commonwealth of Four Palms that has given the General a headache lasting from Christmas of 2008 until mid-2009.

Already, they are singing burlesques about his tenure and activities in parts of southern NAL-SLC and in Florida itself:

T. Chapel of Córdova Nova, East Florida offered this verse on a recent radio call-in programme, ably sung to the old tune of Barbry Allen:

In Floridie, where he weren't born,
There was a Crowner fella,
Made every paisan cry "Oy vey!";
They called him Bombarilla.

M. Pasquin of Nouvelle Orléans, Louisianne offered the following limerick in (dubious) homage to the General in the local paper:

There once was a man called Bamnbary
who liked to light up a huge stogie
he lived the big life
despite so much strife
And now he'll be leaving without a penny

Other gems include these:

The governor-general of Flor'da
Who came to restore Law and Orda,
He thought he was rich,
but then fell in a ditch
while trying to cross Four Palms' borda.
The emperor and the old general
Went hunting beside Cape Canaveral
And made a nice deal,
but it wasn't too real:
they were grabbed by a Fourpalmese patrol.


Jużeń Bambaryła's father was Field Marshal Żowan Bambaryła, military hero of GWII. Jużeń was the eldest of five children, three sons and two daughters. The latter never occupied any public positions, but Juzeń's two brothers both acquired some fame:

  • Szczepan Bambaryła (born 1938), a Roman-Catholic priest who spent his entire adult life in the clergy, first as an army chaplain, later as a missionary worker in Venedic West Africa;
  • Maciej "Bam-Bam" Bambaryła (1943-2006), a professional boxer, repeatedly RTC champion and world champion at heavyweight, and heavily involved in the Olęca Siekrzota, presumably as an arms dealer. So named by American sports commentator Vic Lister on account of "that devastating right hook, and that equally devastating left", his rapid-fire style was often compared with a pneumatic hammer. He died under mysterious circumstances in a Louisiannan prison. His name has frequently been mentioned in connection with terrorist attacks in Louisianne, including the murder of president Jean-François Young en Japan's Empress Gacudai. [2] [3] [4]