Joseph Thomas Robespierre

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Joseph Thomas Robespierre
Order: 11th Premier Président
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire CXXII -30 Fructidor CXXXI
Predecessor: Herbert Serge Lallier
Successor: Charles Wilhelm Braun
Date of birth: 20 Thermidor LXXX (26 August 1872)
Date of death: 25 Messidor CXLV (14 July 1937)
Place of birth: Lonôke, Saint-Louis, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Republican Free Party (Parti Républicain Libre)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Joseph Thomas Robespierre n. 20 Thermidor LXXX d. 25 Messidor CXLV (26 August 1872 - 14 July 1937) was a legislator and Prefect for Saint-Louis and Premier President of Louisianne. Born in Lonôke, Saint-Louis, M. Robespierre attended the University of Saint-Louis à Le Caillou.

In 1894 Robinson was elected to the Etats Populaires of the Parliament of Les Ozarques and served one term. Robinson was then elected to fill a seat in the Etats des Nobles in the Saint-Louis Prefectoral, chosen by then-Prefect M. X Y Z where he served until 1907.

In 1907 he was elected Prefect of Saint-Louis, and gave up his seat in the Etats des Nobles. While serving as Prefect he focused on providing funds to creating a labor statistics board, working to create a highway commission, and further strengthening the position of Saint-Louis as the hub of commerce with all points East.

In 1913, he was elected to replace Herbert Serge Lallier. He was re-elected in the normal election year of 1916, but chose to retire in 1923.

Preceded by:
Herbert Serge Lallier
First President of Louisianne
Succeeded by:
Charles Wilhelm Braun