Johannes Yager

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Johannes Yager
Order: 17th Prefect of Nouvelle Cournouaille
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire, CCXIV (23 September, 2005) - Present
Predecessor: Albert Didier
Successor: incumbent
Date of birth: 30 Ventôse CLXVIII (March 21, 1960)
Date of death: None
Place of birth: Yssingeaux, Dordogne, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessman
Political Party: Free Republicans (Républicains Libres)
Relgious Affiliation: Mormon

Johannes Yager is the oldest child of Helmut Yager, owner of Yagermeister Corporation, the largest chemical company in Louisianne and one of the larger chemical companies in the world. Yager attended The College of Joseph and Brigham for his undergraduate studies and proceeded on to Tulane University in New Orleans. Graduating with a Masters of Business Yager proceeded to serve as a travelling administrator for Yagermeister.

He is married to Marie-Thérèse Yager, and the couple has six children, including one daughter whom they adopted from Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan.

Among his stops, Yager and his family lived for 5 years in Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan, maintaing Yagermeister corporate interests there. Having served a mission for the Mormon church Yager is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Inaugural Portrait of Johannes Yager

Prefectoral Administration

Yager was elected to replace Albert Didier as Prefect of Nouvelle Cournouaille. Yager began his term of office in Vendémiaire of this year (CCXIV). As part of his election campaign Yager has promised to turn his knowledge of business to help the Nouvelle Cournouaille economy grow. He promised to clean-up the horrible spills of arsenic along the Alpes-Argentés.

Because the time in office has been so short, very few of Yager's campaign promises have been realized.

Preceded by:
Albert Didier
Prefect of Nouvelle Cournouaille
Succeeded by:
Pierre Corberon.