Jerôme Baldi

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Jerôme Baldi
Order: 26th Prefect of Saint-Onge
Term of Office: 2 Sans-Culottides, CCXIV (20 September, 2006) - 5 Sans-Culottides, CCXVI)
Predecessor: Marie-Claire Gildersleeve
Successor: Marie Landrieu
Date of birth: 28 Messidor CLXXIV (17 July, 1966)
Date of death: None
Place of birth: Le Caillou, Saint-Louis, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Free Republicans (Républicains Libres)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Jerôme Baldi is the current Prefect of the Saint-Onge, elected 2 Sans-Culottides, CCXIV (19 September 2006) in a special session of the Saint-Ongean Parliament due to the assassination of Jean-François Young.

Prior to his current position, M. Baldi has served in a number of capacities throughout the Prefectures of Osage and Saint-Onge, most recently serving as Sous-Prefect for the Loire-Neuf.


Jerôme Baldi was born the 28 Messidor CLXXIV (17 July, 1966) to his parents, Mossimo and Naomi Baldi, themselves children of emigrées from the Italian Peninsula. Growing up in the Quartier Sommet des Érables of Toulouse, Baldi was exposed early on to Louisianne's neighbors and those interested in Louisianne from the world.

At the age of 12, the Baldi family relocated to Flaugéac where his father began working his own vinyard, eventually buying the renowned Vignoble Avoyelles Grand Cru from the Avoyelles family in 1980. This has hence become the Grand Cru Baldi of international renown. Despite his father's efforts, M. Baldi is avowedly not a consumer of Montignac, excepting special and family occasions.

M. Baldi received his political science training at Tulane University in New Orleans and his law degree from the Université Saint-Louis. After practicing law on behalf of the Sous-Prefecture of Loire-Neuf for 5 years, in an CCIV 1996, M. Baldi was appointed by the Parliament to replace retiring Sous-Prefect André Alliot.

In 1995 M. Baldi was married to Aloïs Chavanoz, and have two children.

Sous-Prefect, Loire-Neuf

Jerôme Baldi as Sous-Prefect of Loire-Neuf.

M. Baldi was instrumental in the negotiations with France to secure the Appelation d'Origine Controlée for the wines of the Loire-Neuf. Similar agreements and trade agreements were brokered by M. Baldi on Louisianne's behalf with Tejas and the NAL. He is often the butt of jokes by Geoffrey Sessions because of these agreements.

During his tenure as Sous-Prefect, M. Baldi systematically sought to preserve the various Chateaus of Louisianne, and has built up a Heritage Site system, protecting these national treasures.

Baldi also worked with the Mormon Church to coordinate local efforts to aid Tejas and Florida in 2003 and 2004 following the ousting of the Bushes.

Certain interest groups within the Loire-Neuf Département have made frequent use of the nickname "Le Pingre" in reference to Baldi's strict fiscal control and auditing programs. The similiarty of the name to that of La Pègre is not lost on Louisiannans, and M. Baldi was a focus of investigation during Mme. Gildersleeve's term of office as Prefect. He was completely exonerated of any claims of graft as was fully expected by even Baldi's more moderate detractors.

Prefectoral Administration

M. Baldi was elected by the Parliament of Saint-Onge when Marie-Claire Gildersleeve was elected to be First-President of Louisianne. He has served since that time. In his first address to the Saint-Ongean Parliament, M. Baldi vowed to continue Mme. Gildersleeve's "housecleaning" efforts in Anti-Graft investigations.

After a quiet furacano season efforts to restore New Orleans to its prior luster have proceeded apace. Investigations for graft continue, but no arrests have been made to present.

Second Term Election

M. Baldi until mid-February 2008 (Pluviôse CCXVI) was running uncontested. At that time, Marie Landrieu was nominated by the Loi Naturelle to contest the seat against Baldi. In a poll conducted in Germinal (March) of CCXVI (2008), showed a dramatic shift away from Baldi by his supporters, a mere half-month since the announcement of Mme. Landrieu's campaigning for the office.

This was followed up as summer approached with allegations of an affair with Sophie Gambeaux, grand-daughter (mis-reported initially as his daughter) of "The" Gambeaux. These claims were firmly denied, and Baldi's wife immediately expressed her support to him in this campaign.

By July the rumours of his affair with Mlle. Gambeaux had become wide-spread, but with no confirmation or actual evidence coming forward, it was settling into a quieter part of the political background, casting a shadow of doubt in some voter's minds as to whether Baldi did indeed live up to his nickname of Le Pingre/Le Pègre.

At the close of the election, M. Baldi was defeated narrowly for leadership of St. Onge.

Preceded by:
Marie-Claire Gildersleeve
Prefect of St. Onge
Succeeded by:
Marie Landrieu
Preceded by:
André Alliot
Sous-Prefect of Loire-Neuf
Succeeded by:
Emmelot Brock