Haruhico, Prince Asaca

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朝香宮誠 晴彦王
Asaca-no-miya Haruhico Ò
Relation to present Emperor 3rd cousin four times removed and 4th cousin thrice removed
Imperial Ancestry Great-great-grandson of Emperor Meidji (through grandmother)
Prince Asaca 4th
Date of birth Saisei 21
Place of birth
Profession Ambassador to Louisianne

Haruhico, Prince Asaca is the current ambassador to Louisianne. His father had been given the ambassadorship as a sinecure, posting him in an otherwise unimportant nation. Since that time, and with the development of CNEL, At the time that he was given the ambassadorship, Louisianne was considered largely an unimportant nation to Japan The ambassadorship was taken by his former assistant, Tanaca Xinnosuque.

Haruhico remains vested in the success of the space agencies, and in the partnership with Louisianne, and has often ventured there to support whatever programs are under development. He maintains a home in the Japanese Quarter of Lyons-sur-Mizouri as well as on the home Islands.

He inherited the title Asaca-no-miya upon his father's resignation in 2005.

Preceded by:
Prince Asaca
2005 – present
Succeeded by: