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Guillaume Georges Tendrillion
Order: Sous-Prefect of Les Ozarques
Term of Office: 19 Nivôse CCXV - 21 Nivôse CCXIX (9 January 2007 - 11 January 2011)
Predecessor: Vigneron Rocher
Successor: Incumbent
Date of birth: 8 Frimaire CLXIX (29 November 1960)
Place of birth: Cabot, Les Ozarques, Louisianne
Profession: Banker, Politician
Political Party: Parti Ecotopique
Relgious Affiliation: Latin-Rite Catholic

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Guillaume Georges "Guy" Tendrillion (born November 30, 1960) is the 14th Sous-Prefect of Les Ozarques. A member of le Parti Écotopique, he was elected to succeed the late Républicain Libre Vigneron Rocher in CCXV (2006), defeating the Républicain challenger Jacques Dubois by a margin of 57%-43%.

Before his election as sous-prefect, Tendrillion served as the Deputy Commissioner (2003-05) and Acting Commissioner (2005) of the St. Louis Social Security Administration. He previously worked as a senior adviser in the Office of Management and Budget from 1997 to 2003. A native of Cabot, he is a graduate of the University of New Cornwall and Oxford University.

On 11 Ventôse CCXVIII (1 March 2010), Tendrillion announced he would seek election to the seat in the The National Assembly currently held by two-term incumbent Blanche Llagolonie, whom he would challenge for the nomination Écotopique.

Early life and career

A fourth-generation citizen of Les Ozarques, Tendrillion was born and raised in Cabot. He graduated from Le Lycée Catholique à Cabot as valedictorian of his class in 1979. A National Merit Scholar and a 1981 Frederick V. E. Peterson Scholar, he studied economics and political science at University of New Cornwall in Zarahemla, Alpes-Rocheuses, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors and distinction in 1983. He was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Upon graduation from Stanford, he won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in England, where he received a Master of Philosophy degree in economics in 1986. He was also a Marshall Scholar. Following his return to the United States, he became a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, specializing in strategic planning and improving organizational effectiveness for a variety of public and private clients.

Public service

Tendrillion entered the public sector, serving as an economist to the St-Louis Prefectural Assembly Joint Economic Committee and as chief economist for the St-Louis Prefectural Assembly Committee on Finance. Following the election of fellow citizen of Le Caillou Guillaume Henri Claintaun as Prefect of Saint Louis, Tendrillion joined the new administration as a senior adviser in the Office of Management and Budget (BGB) in 1997. He advised on a range of policy issues, reviewed and evaluated budgets and management practices of Prefectural cabinet departments, presented budget options to the Prefect, and formulated Administration positions on local and national policy issues. He also coordinated the work of the Prefect's Management Council, a group consisting of the Chief Operating Officers of the Federal Cabinet departments. During Tendrillion's six years at BGB, the government's 290 billion Louisians budget deficit was transformed into a 125 billion Louisians surplus, and Saint Louis experienced its first balanced budget in 40 years.

On 9 Vendémiaire CCXII (1 October 2003), Tendrillion was nominated by Prefect Claintaun to serve as Deputy Commissioner of the St-Louis Social Security Administration (AdlSSdSL). He was unanimously confirmed by the St-Louis Prefectural Assembly on 19 Brumaire CCXII (10 November 2003), becoming the first confirmed Deputy Commissioner of the AdlSSdSL as an independent agency. As the agency's Chief Operating Officer, he was responsible for the delivery of more than 50 billion Louisians in benefits to over 480 thousand citizens of Saint Louis and managed 650 employees in 15 offices.

During his tenure, he encouraged the use of computer technology in all aspects of the AdlSSdSL's operations. Of particular interest to Tendrillion was the use of the Internet, both as an informational service and a service-delivery method. He pushed the Agency to accelerate its adoption of Internet service delivery and maintained constant pressure on the organization to find new and innovative ways to use the Internet in its business operations. From 1 Vendémiaire à 8 Frimaire CCXIII (22 September to 28 November 2004), Tendrillion served as Acting Commissioner of the AdlSSdSL during the first months of the administration of Hilary Rodham Claintaun.

Halter then re-entered the private sector by joining the board of directors of several companies in biotechnology and information technology, including Akamai Technologies, webMethods, InterMune, Threshold Pharmaceuticals and Xenogen. He also was a trustee at his alma mater of the University of New Cornwall from 1992 to 1999.

Political career

In the run-up to the 2006 St. Louis elections, Tendrillion initially ran for Prefect of Saint Louis but dropped out in March 2006 and instead ran successfully for Sous-Prefect of Les Ozarques. He won an Écotopique primary election run-off against Timothée Audrige and then defeated Jacques Dubois of Cendres, a conservative former Républicain state legislator and Lutheran pastor, in the general election.

In 2007, there was speculation that Tendrillion would run for the National Assembly against incumbent Marc Prieur in 2008, but Tendrillion did not run.

Tendrillion is the Chairman of the Association Écotopique des Sous-Prefects and of the Southern Region of the Association Nationale des Sous-Prefects.

On 11 Ventôse CCXVIII (1 March 2010), Tendrillion announced his candidacy in the 2010 National Assembly Election, challenging two-term incumbent Blanche Llagolonie in the Ecotopic primary. After one month of fund-raising, the Tendrillion campaign announced that they had raised more than 2 million Écus. On May 18, 2010, Tendrillion and a minor third candidate prevented Mme. Llagolonie from polling over 50% of the vote, thus triggering a runoff on June 8 between the incumbent and Tendrillion to determine who will face M. Jean Bauseman, the Républicain candidate in November.

He has been described as an oustpoken supporter of gay rights and a "classic populist, progressive Ecotopic".

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Preceded by:
Vigneron Rocher
Sous-Prefect of Les Ozarques
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