François Thibodaux

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François Thibodaux
Order: 7th Premier Président
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiare, LXXXIII (9/23/1874) - 30 Fructidor LXXXIX - (9/17/1881)
Predecessor: Alexandre Mouton
Successor: Samuel Dartagnan Mikennrie
Date of birth: 30 Frimaire XXXI (21 December, 1822)
Date of death: 23 Germinal CV (13 April, 1897)
Place of birth: Thibodaux, Saint-Onge, Louisianne
Profession: Plantation Owner, Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Le Parti Paysan (Farmer's Party)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

François Thibodaux was born to Henri Thibodeaux and his wife Brigitte Belanger the 30 Frimaire XXXI (21 December, 1822) near Thibodaux, Saint-Onge, named after his father. His father had moved from the NAL-SLC to pursue his heritage, being an orphan of Neofrancien extraction. François went on to serve as an MP for Saint-Onge and later as Prefect of Saint-Onge, an office his father had served in. He was elected to serve as First-President of Louisianne from 1 Vendémiare, LXXXIII (9/23/1874) to 30 Fructidor LXXXIX (9/17/1881).

Following his term of office he returned to the family plantation in Paroisse Lafourche, where he lived until his death on 23 Germinal CV (13 April, 1897).

Preceded by:
Alexandre Mouton
Leadership of Louisianne
Succeeded by:
Samuel Dartagnan Mikennrie