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Frencisc Llub was Rhigardd ffeil Gereint's major rival, and later, reluctant ally, in the Traci the Vompire Hunter television series.

Llub was born in 1968 in Guyasuta, Aquanishuonigy, a member of the Wolf clan of the Seneca nation. He came from a long line of Guardians, stretching back to the XVIJth century, when an early Guardian arrived in Aquanishuonigy from Kemr, in search of the newly-called Hunter. This early Hunter was active for four years before her demise. During, and after, her service, this Guardian shared knowledge of the supernatural with the local elders, and began a local Guardians' Council.

In 1996, Traci Winters arrived in Guyasuta, shortly after her former Guardian, Gereint. She soon, despite her wishes, was brought back to her role as Vompire Hunter. Llub insisted that, as Gereint had, in effect, abandoned his ward, that she was now his responsibility, being the local Guardian. He and Gereint quickly became bitter rivals, but often were required to work together to avoid an apocalypse.

Llub was very proud of his heritage, and had a command of magic and a knowledge of demonology far greater than Gereint. He was, initially, very scornful of Gereint, and could not understand why Traci prefered Gereint over himself. He was less flexible than Gereint, and relied more on book knowledge than Gereint, two traits that often proved a liability in his dealings with both Traci and demons.