Emperor Còmei

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Emperor Còmei
Relation to present Emperor: Great great great great great grandfather
Relation to predecessor: Son
Relation to successor: Father
Original Name: 煕宮統仁親王
Osahito, Prince Hiro
Emperor of Japan: 121st
Date of birth: July 22, 1831
Date of death: January 30, 1867

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Emperor Còmei was the last Emperor of Japan of the Tokugawa era, and reigned over the opening up of Japan

Còmei was the fourth son of Emperor Nincò.

Emperor Còmei was opposed to the opening up of Japan, preferring instead to concentrate on reforming Japan from the inside. His younger sister, Txicaco, Princess Cazu, was married to Xògun Tocugawa ???. He died of smallpox at the age of 35, though there is a persistant theory that he was actually poisoned by the anti-bacufu (Xogunate) faction.

Preceded by:
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Emperor of Japan
1846 – 1867
Succeeded by: