Credit Louisiannais

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Credit Louisiannais, SA
Credit Louisiannais logo
Type Public company
Slogan Aujourd'hui, qui peut se passer d'une bonne banque?, Who can pass up a good bank today?
Founded 1885
Location Le Caillou, Les Ozarques,Saint-Louis
Key people Jérôme Bec, CEO & Director
Employees 15,037
Industry Banking
Products Mortgages
Private & Public Loans
Financial Services
Off-Shore Banking
Revenue Green up.png€33 million LE (an CCXII)
(roughly equivalent to fiscal 2004)

Credit Louisiannais is currently the largest bank in Louisianne and the 6th largest in North America. Expansion and positive growth loom on the horizon for the company, as it has turned a profit for fiscal 2004 (Republican an CCXII) for the second consecutive year in nearly a decade.


Credit Lousiannais began as a small local business in the Loire-Neuf in 1832 with former nobility uniting their remaining funds, and with secretive support from the League of Noble Emigrees the bank was founded. While the League of Noble Emigrees gave support to the Louisiannan nobility, it was not overt, nor was it more than the initial support in the venture. Credit Louisiannais quickly grew to cover the more populous areas of Louisianne, and as settlers moved north and west, funded the expansion.

There have been reversals of fortune throughout the years for the bank, but all in all, the bank has weathered the storms, and, unlike some of Louisianne's companies is in good financial shape.

The most difficult time for Credit Louisiainnais occurred just prior to the turn of the last century (republican) when the long-held secret of its founding, and the support from the League of Noble Emigrees came to light. While the timing of this revelation could've been much worse, the leadership of the bank would've much prefered that this knowledge never come to light. This knowledge lead to public backlash against Credit Louisiannais, and the resignation of the Board.


Credit Louisiannais began looking outside of Louisianne for investment opportunities in the mid-2000's. One of the primary targets was the ailing Banco Nacional de Tejas, in which Credit Louisiannais bought a majority (67%) of voting stock within three years. On March 17th 2006 it was announced that Credit Louisiannais would become a daughter company to newly formed AmeriGroup which would manage both banking firms from a new headquarters in New Sweden.