Constitution of the Kingdom of Serbia

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The Constitution of the Kingdom of Serbia (Serbian: Устав Краљевине Србије, caligraphy: Уставъ Сербiе) is the main government body in the Kingdom of Serbia.

The current Constitution was written on 10th October 2000, following the Revolution of October 5th, when the socialist regime of Slobodan Milošević was ousted and Serbia was proclaimed a kingdom again.

The first Serbian constitution was the Constitution of the Serbian Empire, written on the State Council of Skopje (in the present-day Bulgaria) in 1349, during the regime of the Tsar Stephen Dušan Nemanjić. The first modern Serbian constitution was written on the 15th of October 1835, following the Serbian Revolution of 1804-1813 and creation of the independent Principality of Serbia.

Constitution of the Kingdom of Serbia
Text of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Serbia:
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