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Christina Jona Taylor is an author living in Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne. She was born in Biloxi to Christophe and Judith Taylor, originally from Lyons-sur-Mizouri.

Her parents immigrated to Biloxi in 1976, and two years later, she was born, their first child. Her name was derived from her father's name and that of his brother, Jonathan. In 1984, after Florida-Caribbea's conquest of the Trans-Perdido, the family immigrated to Pensacola.

In her early teens, Christina began writing short stories. Her early stories were unremarkable science-fiction and fantasy, but by her late teens, she began taking a more satirical bent. In 1999, she wrote her first novel, a thinly-veiled allegory of Florida-Carribea. It enjoyed some underground success, but was banned by the national government of FC.

In 2002, she left the FC for Louisianne, for fear of arrest. Since the readmission of East and West Florida to the NAL-SLC, she has returned to her homeland of Florida, but maintains a residence in Lyons-sur-Mizouri, and is frequently feted in the social circuit.

Notable Books

  • Liberación (1999)
    • A satirical novel attacking FC's claims of liberating the Caribbean
  • Un tiempo para la guerra (A Time for War) (2000)