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B&C logos: old, new (2015)

Bernard & Croll Publishers in Bovlai, Xliponia are renowned for books on arts and science, as well as various kinds of literature.

The publishing house was created in 1952 through a merger of Bernard Printers - established since the 17th century - and Croll Booksellers (Croll Piplofol in Xliponian), who still operate from their refurbished 1790 headquarters on Fonn a Çur (Tower Bridge) Street.

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Some recent editorial successes from "B&C":

  • The Columbus Journals by Aaron Dworkin, the controversial bestseller based on a worldwide conspiracy theory (involving Xliponia, of course);
  • The Giordano Bruno Code by Mylord Snarke, another scholarly adventure;
  • The works of J.R.R. Tolkien;
  • The adventures of Tintin;
  • The Henry Portman books;
  • The Great Detectives collection, including
    • Sir Uther Conan Doyle's Inspector Watson, the archetype of the scientific detective, cool and rational;
    • Agatha Marple's Ulysse Pommet, the Batavian sleuth fond of his "little grey cells", and Miss Christie, the dear old lady in a sleepy English village;
    • K. G. (Karl Georg) Schachendorff's Rabbi Schwarz, a stolid, ungracious and unassuming theologian with keen common sense.