Aragonese League

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O Ligallo de Fablans de l'Aragonés
League of Aragonese Speakers
Flag of the Aragonese League
Map of the Aragonese League
Member Nations:  

Consists of Andorra, Aragon, Malta, Paraguai, Riu de L'Argent, Tunisia, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Aragonese is a global language. About anywhere from 101,463,830-102,607,068 speak it around the globe, with the vast majority (about 66 million) in South America, namely the countries of Paraguai and Riu d'Archent (inc. the autonomous province of Uruguai). In addition, the residents of countries which neighbor the two nations with Aragonese as an official language, such as Paraná have speakers of Aragonese as a second language. The remaining speakers are in Europe. About 66% of The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies speak Aragonese as a second language, about 15% of the autonomous African holdings of the Two Sicilies also learn it as a second language as it's a compulsory language to learn in the Tunisian school system for students once they hit age 10, and then there are several low thousand speakers in Malta and 15 million speakers in Aragon proper. Greece and Turkey also have pockets of a few low thousand speakers collectively, although neither country is in the League. See: