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República do Paraná
Republic of Paraná
Flag of Paraná
Language: Portuguese
Capital: São Paulo
President: Fernão Henriques
Population: 66 million paranaenses (Paranaäns) [2005]
Established: 1811, independence from Portugal
Currency: mil-réis
Organizations: Lusoamerican Union

Paraná in Brief

Paraná is a presidentialist republic in eastern South America. It enjoys intense economic and cultural activity. The current president is Fernão Henriques, elected in 2003 for a 6-year term.

Fernão Henriques

São Paulo is the federal capital (at the same time capital of the state of Tietê). It is also the largest city with 10 million inhabitants. São Paulo is a relevant industrial centre.

Next largest is Curityba, where the oldest university in the country (1912) is located. It is a centre of arts and culture in general.

Anchieta Palace - Government centre of São Paulo
University in Curityba

The waterfalls at Yguaçu, on the western border, are a special attraction.

Coat of Arms

Parana COA.png
Vert on a bend sinister argent three torteaux


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Lusoamerican Union

Map of Paraná with States, their Capitals and neighbouring countries


North: Equador.
West: Peru, Charcas, Paraguay.
Southwest: Uruguay.
Southeast: Atlantic Ocean.
East: Brasil.


The main currency unit in Paraná is the mil-réis ($ or 1$000), defined as 1,000 réis (symbol r$, singular real). 1$000 is equivalent to 750gr of silver, or -/8/1.82+ in FK currency. Other multiples of the real are:

  • Vintém = 20 r$
  • Tostão = 60 r$
  • Pataca = 240 r$
  • Dobrão = 20,000 r$
  • Conto de réis = 1,000,000 r$, written 1:000$000



Logo Panaero.png

Visit Paraná - Fly Panaero, the national airline, serving all of the Lusoamerican Union and most important centres in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres

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