11th West Asian Battlegame Championship

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11th West Asian Battlegame Championship took place in Bukhara, Turkestan, between April 11th and May 19th of 2007.


The following sixteen nations qualified to the championship:

  1. Samraj
  2. Thousand Emirates
  3. Bombay
  4. Outer Mongolia
  5. Turkey
  6. Sind
  7. Armenia
  8. Sikh RS
  9. Persia
  10. Turkestan
  11. Georgia
  12. Kurdistan
  13. Bengal
  14. Moghul National Realm
  15. Kashmir
  16. Judea

They were partitioned into four groups. Two better teams of each group advanced to the playoffs.


Group I

Shade diagram of the Group I

In the Group I the Thousand Emirates played traditional offensive battlegame and frequently attempted to capture the flag and risked heavily which led to interesting matches with high results. Samraj, West Asian champions of the 10th cycle, were unbeatable however. But Bombay was very close to scoring a draw against Samraj.

Samraj-Outer Mongolia 7:2
Thousand Emirates-Bombay 3:3
Bombay-Samraj 3:4
Outer Mongolia-Thousand Emirates 4:8
Bombay-Outer Mongolia 5:3
Samraj-Thousand Emirates 6:4

  • Samraj: +4
  • Thousand Emirates: +1
  • Bombay: 0
  • Outer Mongolia: -5

Group IJ

Shade diagram of the Group IJ

No decisive victories and few succesful goals or liquidations happened in the matches of Group IJ. Sikh RS was considered to be the worst team but this team (which is always liked by the fans due to the uniforms with turbans) managed to secure draws with Armenia and Sind and defeat Turkey and went to the playoffs. Sind's loss to Turkey in the last match meant that Turkey would become the second team advanicing to playoffs from this group.

Turkey-Sikh RS 3:4
Sind-Armenia 3:2
Armenia-Turkey 1:3
Sikh RS-Sind 4:4
Armenia-Sikh RS 3:3
Turkey-Sind 3:2

  • Turkey: +1
  • Sikh RS: +1
  • Sind: 0
  • Armenia: -2

Group IIJ

Shade diagram of the Group IIJ

Two titans Persia and Turkestan were considered to be the likely winners of Group IIJ and they did not betray their fans. Turkestan was slower to start however and did not managed to reach decisive victories againtst Kurdistan and Georgia, which Persia did. In the Turkestan-Persia match however Turkestan won and therefore the final results of both teams were +3.

Persia-Kurdistan 6:2
Turkestan-Georgia 5:3
Georgia-Persia 2:5
Kurdistan-Turkestan 2:4
Georgia-Kurdistan 4:5
Persia-Turkestan 3:4

  • Persia: +3
  • Turkestan: +3
  • Kurdistan: -2
  • Georgia: -4

Group IIIJ

Shade diagram of the Group IIIJ

While it appeared that West Asian champions of the first cycle Judea may be back from a long sleep when this team unexpectedly achieved a draw with Bengal two subsequent looses meant that this did not happen. Bengal secured the first place despite the embarrasing draw against Judea while Kashmir got the second place despite the 0:7 loss to Bengal.

Bengal-Judea 3:3
Moghul National Realm-Kashmir 3:4
Kashmir-Bengal 0:7
Judea-Moghul National Realm 2:5
Kashmir-Judea 5:2
Bengal-Moghul National Realm 5:2

  • Bengal: +4
  • Kashmir: +1
  • Moghul National Realm: -1
  • Judea: -4


In the quarterfinals Samraj defeated Sikh RS only after several overtimes. Battle against Persia in the semifinals needed the final overtime. But Samraj managed to defend the title for the first time in history of the West Asian Championships. Kashmir unexpectedly took the 5th place and therefore qualified for the World Champiosnhips. It defeated a powerful Bengalian team.

Samraj-Sikh RS 7:6
Turkey-Thousand Emirates 4:6
Persia-Kashmir 5:1
Bengal-Turkestan 4:5

Samraj-Persia 8:7
Thousand Emirates-Turkestan 5:9
5-8 places:
Sikh RS-Kashmir 3:6
Turkey-Bengal 2:5

Samraj-Turkestan 6:3
For 3rd place:
Persia-Thousand Emirates 8:2
For 5th place:
Kashmir-Bengal 5:4
For 7th place:
Sikh RS-Turkey 3:4

Final standings

The final standings of the first eight teams (the first five qualified to the 11th World Battlegame Championship):

  1. Samraj (champions)
  2. Turkestan
  3. Persia
  4. Thousand Emirates
  5. Kashmir
  6. Bengal
  7. Turkey
  8. Sikh RS
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