Bharatij Samrazj

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भारतीय साम्राज्य
Bháraþíj Sámrázj (Sámrázj)
Conventional short name:
Local: भारतीय साम्राज्य
Bháraþíj Sámrázj (Sámrázj)
English: Bháraþíj Sámrázj (Sámrázj) (Samraj)
State flag of Bharatij Samrazj

The Bháraþíj Sámrázj (Indian Empire), also known simply as Sámrázj (Empire), is the largest country of India. It was earlier known as Maráthá Sámrázj until it was transformed into a representative democracy in 1948. The last Maráthá Adhiráz passed away in 1962 leaving no heir, but the "sámrázj" was preserved for historical reasons in spite of the campaign by the political Left to rename the country Bháraþíj Zanatá (Indian Commonwealth), not least since the prime minister referred to the currency by the term samraj in English.



North: Jammu.
Northwest: Rázpuþáná, Sinð.
West: Arabian Sea.
South: Kalin̊gá, Haiðarábáð, Maisúr.
East: Awadh, Ban̊gál.
Northeast: Nepál.



The official language of the Samrazj is Sam̃skrytam, with Maráthí and Hinðí as administrative languages. In the region of Orissa the Orija language is also in use for administrative purposes.


Hinduism remains the state religion, but Muslims, Zoroastrians, Jains and adherents of all other religions enjoy equal rights in the constitution.

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