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Conventional short name:
Local: ಮೈಸೋರ
English: Maisúr (Mysore)
State flag of Maisur
Capital: Maisúr

Maisúr is a kingdom in India, near the southern tip. Its capital is also called Maisúr

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The Capital Maisúr is located at 2601 feet above sea level and 91 miles from Bangalore at 12.18N and 76.42E. One of the best (some would say worst) times to visit Maisúr is during the annual nine-night, ten-day Dussera or Dasara or Navaratri festival, which usually occurs in early October. Maisúr is also called the City of Palaces, as there are many palaces situated in the city.

Maisúr is believed to have been established sometime in the eleventh century, and became the capital of a small kingdom around 1400, which was a tributary of the Vizajanagara empire until its fall in 1565. Shortly thereafter the Wodeyar family took control of the kingdom. From the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, the Woyedar capital alternated between Srirangapattana and Maisúr. It was fixed as Capital in the mid-1800's. There was afterwards a heavy Scandinavian influence in the area.



North: Bháraþíj Sámrázj, Haiðarábáð.
West: Arabian Sea.
South: Þiruviþán̊kúr.
East: Karnátaka.