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Welcome to Ill Bethisad wiki

Ill Bethisad is an alternate timeline. If you are unfamiliar with it, please have a look at this short description or, better yet, visit IB's homepage.

This is the Ill Bethisad Wiki: Ill Bethisad people, do with it as you please. If you're not a member, but are interested in contributing, first please go here: Introduce yourself to the group, take a look at the links page, IB's Website and then learn how we function as a group. Then, review your own ideas and introduce them to the group to see how well they fit. At this point in time, the sort of idea that can fit within the framework of IB is increasingly limited due to the great amount of work that has been done at understanding how this alternate timeline functions, but are welcome nonetheless.
Alternatively, you may of course boldly enter Lla Dafern (The Pub) and go through the same procedure.

Starting points

wiki-nodes of our neighbors

  • The Alternate History wiki – a wiki for Alternate History and counterfactual universes.
  • The Conlang wikicity – a wiki for publishing and developing conlangs.
  • The Frath Wiki – a wiki where anyone can present their conlangs and concultures, and a project to collect information on topics relating to conlanging, conculturing, and worldbuilding..
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