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The territory of Van Diemen's Land is the island south of the coast of the province of Guereintia and is a dependency of Cambria but is locally ruled from New South Cambria. Its revenue comes mainly from eco-tourism, call-center subcontracting, opium poppies (for medicinal purposes) and their world renowned apples.

The territory is famous for its lush forests, golf courses and woodchopping competition.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Marie Lisbeth of the Scandinavian Realm (née Mary Elizabeth Donaldson) was born and raised in Van Diemen's Land. She has become popular among the locals to the point that a pro-Scandinavian group (the Van Diemen's Land Party) has been created. Despite much air time being given to its spokespeople, it has so far failed to gain a more then marginal membership.

Follows a small list of important dates:



Foundation of the Cambrian penal colony of Hobart


Foundation of the Cambrian penal colony of Launceston


The local government decides to settle the interior and tries to attract immigrants by promising free services from convicts as manservants. The settlers quickly come into conflict with the native inhabitants (the Black Wars). To solve the problem, the local government creates wandering "blacklines" where lines of armed men beat the bushes, killing any aborigenes they encounters.


The last native is killed.

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