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The Universities of the FK can be divided into three classes, all of which are still considered equal in quality of education in law, but are seen in the public mindset as being different in style: the Holly league, which are the oldest, most traditionally academic of the three classes; the "red-bricks", which originated before GWI but after the Holly League were long-since established and made up primarily of economics-, business- and technology-focused institutions (probably Newhythe is one of these, but it isn't my place); and the polytechnics, which are primarily vocational and set up after GWII to try to encourage people to get Vocational Qualifications (often abbreviated to "VQs").

Paternoster Pact

The Paternoster Pact is an organization of the most prestigious universities in the FK. They have the same courses and the same examining board. It is generally associated with the highest standard of education in the FK and perhaps the Commonwealth. They have sports competitions, of which the most famous are probably the Paternoster Pact rugby final, the Paternoster Pact Cricket Competition and the Paternoster Pact boat race along the rivers Thames, Usk, Wye, Dui, Tamar, Ouse, and Lough Ness (alternating annually). They are collegiate, which means they are divided into colleges which one applies to. It is often considered a rival to the NAL's Ivy League.

There are nine universities involved;

  • Oxford University (1121)
  • Cambridge University (1209)
  • Glastein University (1259)
  • St Andrews University (1410)
  • Glasgow University (1451)
  • Aberdeen University (1495)
  • Trurow University (1653)
  • Aberdyfi University (1552)
  • Durham University (1803)
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